Pre-flight Intelligence.
Post-flight Insights.
In-flight Peace Of Mind.


iOS App

  • Fast, Easy Logging
  • 4 1/2 Star Rating!


  • Same Data, Larger Screen
  • Secure Cloud Storage

Android App

  • Completely Native Code
  • Syncs With iOS and Web

The Choice Of The Modern Commercial Drone Operator.

Looking for API access or enterprise accounts?

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Drone Registration

Have all your FAA issued registration certificate available right from your home screen.

Part 107 Compliant

Kittyhawk stores not only all your checklists, but when you last ran them. This provides transparency and accountability that easily meets FAA Part 107 Standards.

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Track Battery Cycles

Know more about the condition of your consumables before you fly.

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Work In Teams

Kittyhawk's Enterprise solution lets you work in teams so everyone has the most up-to-date-information.

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Airspace Alerts

Maximize situational awareness with intelligent airspace alerts for airports, points of interest, and TFR's.



Know who was the last person to work on what aircraft -- and what they did.