Designed for mobile operations.

Featuring best-in-class preflight, inflight, and postflight functionality -- including DJI sync and Flight Deck.

Everything you need from your mobile app.

Featuring best in class preflight tools for airspace and weather, asset management, and logging -- including DJI Sync.

Live air traffic

With advisories & sectionals

Ultimate preflight

Plan, measure, fly.

Your fleet

Aircraft & battery health.

UAS forecasts

7-day weather data.

Best app

Best app for flying a drone. Simple and easy to use. Log your flights like a boss. The support is so easy to reach.

Great app!

Whether you're a novice or expert, this app is helpful to all. They will also respond to any questions you have and listen to your suggestions.

Excellent Resource for UAV Operations!

This is a great resource for the operation and record keeping for operating your UAV! Great and intuitive interface, ability to call airspace controlling facilities in app, and accurate weather & flight restriction info!

Simply awesome!!!

If you fly anything, this is the best pre-flight app around hands down. The developers also get 5 stars from me. Communication is tops and gets better with every update. Keep it up guys!!!!

Awesome app

Called the contact number and the guy on the phone helped me with all my questions. A+ customer support.


Newbie here, but wanted the ability to log flights, maintenance, track battery cycles. In addition, had an issue with the program- contacted developers- immediate response - corrected my issue!


One word! INCREDIBLE!!

Great App that will be required in time

If you are new to the UAS world or been flying for years this is a MUST HAVE app. I have worked in the field of enforcing the laws for over 25 years and with Part 107 taking over our 333 exemptions so fast I know what the FAA's discussions were about when they stopped issuing the 333 exemption. The FAA came up with part 107 in less then 6 months (really...unheard of from a governmental agency) so who knows what the FAA will require to re-certify our part 107 certifications in a short 2 years

Great App!

I was able to import DJI flights when I signed up which eliminated the need to transpose the data. I haven't been able to do it again, but that's probably my fault. The log, checklist feature, local conditions, alerts and airport contact information and really helpful to a rookie.

New Update is Awesome

Just got the latest update as of 2/7/17 and the new features and options are great. Thanks Kitty Hawk team, keep up the great work. PS This app rocks!

Great app well done

Would never fly with out it !!! Great app guys keep up the great work!

Impressive App

It's a lot more than I expected, very informative, reliable data and so easy to use, great job!!

Awesome app and responsive developers

This app is really great. Very intuitive, robust, and great support. I had a question (I'm new to drones) and the developers contacted me back in minutes to thoroughly answer my question. Awesome service, awesome App!

Great App for the budding RPIC

Everything I need to safely get in the air, from weather conditions, to real time advisories. I can log my flights, create checklists, and create my own UA database for as many as I own. So far, so good!


I've tried about a half dozen of this type of app, and there is absolutely no comparison to the superb implementation of this one, AND... they have a version for both iOS and Android.

This drone e-log app is the best

I am very happy with how well this app works and meets my flight log and check list needs. The integration with really simplifies checking your location's airspace. Logging a live flight is a breeze.

Absolutely perfect!

Very intuitive absolutely perfect for the drone operator. Great tool for check lists, maintenance logs, flight logs, and weather. It's everything you need in one single app.

Excellent App!!

This app and the website that goes along with it has become an invaluable tool that I use before starting any flight.

I just deleted 4 other apps because of you!

SECTIONALS!!!! Awwww yeah! Finally, the missing piece! just pole vaulted over the competition and saved me tons of money in subscriptions to other apps thanks to the inclusion of the sectional chats features alone! Thank you guys, YOU'RE ON FIRE! Keep it up!!!

Amazing resource for all of your UAV operations!

Since my last review the team at Kittyhawk continue to amaze! The latest updates to the app make the need for multiple apps for UAS operation obsolete! The recent additions of Flight Deck to provide in app control of your UAS continues to provide a seamless, intuitive, and easy to navigate app! And now the addition of VFR navigation charts makes this the only app you need for your UAS operations! As both a private pilot and a part 107 UAS pilot, all the information you need to make the best preflight decisions every time you fly!

Cream of the drone app crop :)

Fabulous app that makes logging a breeze ..... excellent up to date stats ..... highly recommended!

Critical for my drone operations!

In the first two minutes of using this app you will realize what a great job Kittyhawk has done to bring crucial features to the drone pilot. As I live near several airports (including the dreaded Washington DC restricted zone) and many heliports, it is absolutely essential for me to know where in proximity to these areas I am when on photo assignments all through the area. Using this app, I can instantly see which of these stations are less than 5 miles from my location, see the phone number for notifying them, and let them know my distance from them as well as my GPS coordinates. I've tried about a half dozen of this type of app, and there is absolutely no comparison to the superb implementation of this one, AND... they have a version for both iOS and Android.