Built for commercial operations at scale

The only universal platform with applications to power back-office,
planning, reporting, and field operations.

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Team management with real-time coordination

Have all of your pilots’ activity synced in real-time across the platform, allowing for secure, compliant, and coordinated drone operations at scale.

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Unified workflow and reporting

Total control of flight planning and procedures. Total visibility into team activity, account logs, pilot currency, and fleet performance.

Manage your fleet

Seamless tracking of craft flight time, battery health, checklist history, and location intelligence.

Powering modern commercial operations

Across industries and across borders, Kittyhawk is the choice of demanding enterprise drone operations.

Simple billing

Pay for features, not usage. Unburden your operations and create teams with no limits on size, activity, or usage.

Granular permissions

Set visibility and permissions so that each member of your team has the information they need to succeed.

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Our product-focused team is available all hours of the day. Have your questions and ideas answered by engineers who can take action on your requests.