Data Integration Solutions for UAS Airspace Intelligence

Your airspace, authorizations, locations, permissions, and points of interest

Remote ID enabled using the ASTM standard

Set permissions to share with public safety and partners

Live Ops View of Fleet and UTM Activity

See your authorizations and custom map layers

Monitor live streams and aircraft details

Use Remote ID for shared UTM awareness


Airspace Just Got Dynamic

“With the launch of Kittyhawk Dynamic Airspace™, we’re bringing a new level of compliance to drone operations while also giving our customers more control over THEIR airspace — and by definition — their workflows, their reports, and their risk tolerance.”

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Powering airspace data for the FAA B4UFLY App.



Available only for United States

Airspace advisories will be available ONLY for the United States
Note: This does not mean users in other countries cannot open or use airspace. What it means is that, those users won’t be able to see airspace advisories and layers for their country.

Same Airspace on ALL THREE Platforms

  • One UX for web, iOS, and Android
  • Consistent performance
  • Unified and real-time data
Map Layers

Select Your Airspace

  • UAS Facility Maps & Controlled Airspaces
  • National Security & Special Use Airspaces
  • Upcoming & Live TFRs, Stadiums
  • Special Washington D.C. Airspace
  • Airports/ Aerodromes
  • National Park NFZs
  • LAANC-as-a-Layer™
Map Layers

Controlled Airspace Legend

Areas within which air traffic control (ATC) service is provided in accordance with the airspace classification.
Note: Operations in Class B, C, D and E airspace are allowed with the required permission/ authorization.

Map Layers

Special Use Airspace Legend

Areas where drones and other aircraft are not permitted to fly without special permission.


Airspace Summary


Airspace Advisories

This section displays the list of Airspace Advisories within 3 miles radius of the pin.

Airspace Advisories

The list includes individual cards for EACH map layer type.

Airspace Advisories

Multi-colored Grid Maps & blue Advisory status indicate LAANC availability.

Airspace Advisories


View your team’s upcoming and active authorizations live, as a layer.


Weather Advisories

Weather Advisories

Pin Location

The map view and pin location will be defaulted based on the user’s current location unless…

  • The user decides to NOT share their current location with Kittyhawk (app or browser setting). The user will also be given option to manually select a location to drop the pin.
  • The user has activated location sharing, but the location can’t be determined (poor GPS signal on your mobile device)

In both circumstances the map view will be defaulted to San Francisco and user will be prompted to select a location to drop the pin.

Pin Location

Changing the Pin Location

You can change the pin location in two ways:

  • Pressing on the map to select the location
  • Typing the address for new pin location

When a user selects “X” next to the current pin location, they will be prompted to enter the desired location in the search bar OR select a location from the “Recent Searched” list.


Changing the Map View

The pin remains intact in its original position unless the user manually selects a new pin location.

What does this mean?
If the user is wandering around the map, the pin and associated advisories DO NOT change with the map view.

  • The user will be prompted to search for a new location when the pin is out of map view.
  • The user will also be prompted to press on the map to select new location when the pin is not in the map view.

Improved Search

Search Kittyhawk’s Dynamic Airspace by:

  • GPS LAT/LONG Coordinates
  • Business Name + City
  • Street Address
  • City, State
  • ICAO Airport Code (ex: KSFO)
  • Recent Searches
In Summary

Kittyhawk Dynamic Airspace is

  • Unified airspace on all 3 platforms
  • Live, up-to-date, data direct from the FAA
  • Your LAANC authorizations on YOUR map
  • Improved search function