Real-time Media Streaming

Secure live communication between pilots and operations managers is the new standard

Get more done, with less flights

With livestreaming, complete your mission objectives with less flights. Drones have limited flight-times - with more eyes on your video streams, you can direct your pilots to prioritize flight paths over areas that yield better insights and data. By reducing the lag between capturing video data and analyzing them, you can immediately start to make decisions, while your pilots are still out on the field.

Secure, encrypted video / audio feeds

Kittyhawk uses industry-standard secure encryption, that allows only authorized users will be able to view live-streams. Store what you want, stream what you don't. Don’t lose sleep over data security, we’ve got you covered.

2-way video streaming, with conference functionalities

With the one-to-many video streaming functionalities, multiple parties can connect to view the video stream, and enable 2-way voice communication between all parties on the stream, including the pilot on the field. Instantly enable your remote experts to view the streams, weigh-in with their insights and communicate with the pilot to get the data you need the first time.