Kittyhawk Pre-flight Planning

Plan and prepare for your flights easily, quickly and safely with pre-flight planning, authorizations, and more

Convenient checklist management and compliance

Manage your entire team's checklist from one central location and verify they're completing them prior to each flight. See logs of where each list was completed and by whom.

Review your flight and pilot risk profile before you fly

With our Pilot Risk Profile and Flight Risk Assessment , easily assess your mission risk level and your pilot’s risk profile. Mitigate risk quickly and easily across your drone operations.

Automatic flight waivers with LAANC

Get automatic flight waivers for flights in controlled airspace, all within the app. Seamlessly enforce your waiver with Flight Deck.

Intuitive Real-time Airspace Information

Our beautiful FAA facility maps make it easy to understand LAANC authorizations. We feature the FAA sectionals as well as a beautiful AirMap integration to reduce complexity wherever possible.


Store your SUAS/RPIC and COA credentials within the app

Ensure compliance by linking and storing your RPIC credentials within your Kittyhawk app. Link all flight logs to your credentials quickly and easily.

Mission planning for your team

Design, review and approve missions for your team pilots with Kittyhawk’s web dashboard. Coordinate your team’s flights to complete missions quickly and easily.

Airspace and weather forecasts empower operators

Understand, anticipate and react to upcoming weather and airspace changes before you fly. Reduce the risks and potential mission mishaps with better situational awareness.

Intuitive mission planning

Improve flight efficiency and complete your mission objectives faster with Waypoint Missions. Set-up waypoints on your pilot’s flight maps for them to fly over to collect data, and allow your pilots to collaborate and coordinate flight paths to complete the mission objectives.