Struggling to manage your drone operations?

Kittyhawk securely manages your drone program at the jobsite or at the office.

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Unified Drone Operations

From drone fleet asset management to realtime secure video streaming, Kittyhawk has all the functionality and integrations needed to tame the chaos of managing your drone fleet

Kittyhawk Pre-flight Planning

Plan and prepare for your flights easily, quickly and safely with pre-flight planning, authorizations, and more

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Convenient checklist management and compliance

Manage your entire team's checklist from one central location and verify they're completing them prior to each flight. See logs of where each list was completed and by whom.

Review your flight and pilot risk profile before you fly

With our Pilot Risk Profile and Flight Risk Assessment , easily assess your mission risk level and your pilot’s risk profile. Mitigate risk quickly and easily across your drone operations.

Automatic flight waivers with LAANC (Coming Soon)

Get automatic flight waivers for flights in controlled airspace, all within the app. Seamlessly enforce your waiver with Flight Deck.

Intuitive Real-time Airspace Information

Our beautiful FAA facility maps make it easy to understand LAANC authorizations. We feature the FAA sectionals as well as a beautiful AirMap integration to reduce complexity wherever possible.

Store your SUAS/RPIC and COA credentials within the app

Ensure compliance by linking and storing your RPIC credentials within your Kittyhawk app. Link all flight logs to your credentials quickly and easily.

Mission planning for your team

Design, review and approve missions for your team pilots with Kittyhawk’s web dashboard. Coordinate your team’s flights to complete missions quickly and easily.

Airspace and weather forecasts empower operators

Understand, anticipate and react to upcoming weather and airspace changes before you fly. Reduce the risks and potential mission mishaps with a better understanding of.

Intuitive mission planning

Improve flight efficiency and complete your mission objectives faster with Waypoint Missions. Set-up waypoints on your pilot’s flight maps for them to fly over to collect data, and allow your pilots to collaborate and coordinate flight paths to complete the mission objectives.

Kittyhawk In-flight Operations

Access real time information on your drone and fleet to fly, coordinate and manage team missions better

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Ensure your team follows your flight standards with Flight Profiles

Ensure that your team complies with all local and FAA restrictions. With Kittyhawk Flight Profiles, set up automated flight restrictions on your drone fleet like flight ceilings, maximum distances from pilot and no-fly zones. Flight profiles are updated automatically to your pilot’s so they can focus on the flying without having to worry about adhering to limitations. Learn more

View what your entire team is doing in real-time with Drone Aware

View your team’s telemetry in real-time. This increases situational awareness, and allows you to share your drone telemetry amongst your other operators, enabling safer and more efficient flights.

Simplify your flight operations

No more bouncing between apps. Now pilots can securely fly within the Kittyhawk app, with no extra steps to create beautiful flight logs with Kittyhawk Flight Deck. Learn more here

Kittyhawk Team Operations Management

Get a fleet-level view on your fleet operations, including real time fleet movements, pilot
risk profile and FAA compliance and certifications

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Review your flight risk profiles before flying

Kittyhawk’s Pilot Risk Assessment feature uses flight logs and drone telemetry to compile a risk profile on each pilot based on their flight histories. Use this to get a high level view on the overall risk profile of your drone pilots to better manage your drone operations risk and liability.

Prepare for your mission with Flight Risk Assessment

With realtime drone traffic to DroneAware, weather and flight advisories, review your mission risk profile before you fly. This helps you quantify the amount of risk in a flight and apply common-sense policies to manage it.

Better manage your fleet

Seamlessly track your craft flight time, battery health, checklists, and location insights. Easily find the information you need to determine the health of your fleet and optimize your operations.

Coordinate your team mission operations with Drone Aware

Drone Aware provides you with up to the second information on where any drone in your fleet is operating. Not sure who’s operating where? Drone Aware adds an unprecented level of insight and transparency into your operations. .

Realtime Secure Video/Audio Streaming

Realize the true potential of your drone fleet with fewer flights. Secure live communication between pilots and operations managers is the new standard.

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Get more done, with less flights

With livestreaming, complete your mission objectives with less flights. Drones have limited flight-times - with more eyes on your video streams, you can direct your pilots to prioritize flight paths over areas that yield better insights and data. By reducing the lag between capturing video data and analyzing them, you can immediately start to make decisions, while your pilots are still out on the field.

Secure, encrypted video / audio feeds

Kittyhawk uses industry-standard secure encryption, that allows only authorized users will be able to view live-streams. Store what you want, stream what you don't. Don’t lose sleep over data security, we’ve got you covered.

2-way video streaming, with conference functionalities

With the one-to-many video streaming functionalities, multiple parties can connect to view the video stream, and enable 2-way voice communication between all parties on the stream, including the pilot on the field. Instantly enable your remote experts to view the streams, weigh-in with their insights and communicate with the pilot to get the data you need the first time.

Post-flight logging and reporting

Don’t juggle multiple apps, licenses, and privacy policies to consolidate, analyze and log flight data. With Kittyhawk, you get easy, accurate, and super-detailed flight logging for every aircraft.

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FlightDeck automatically logs all of your flight data and telemetry

With FlightDeck as your unified operations and piloting platform, all of your drone data is logged automatically. Now operators don’t have to worry about recording and logging their flights, it all happens automatically the second they take off.

No more switching apps. Import your DJI data automatically with DJI Import and Sync

Easy, accurate, and super-detailed flight logging direct from DJI for every craft from the Spark to the Matrice.

Get instant stats and intelligence on your drone fleet from a single source

All of your team's flight data and stats are consolidated on a team level - enabling you to review and keep tabs on the overall fleet as an operations manager. Truly understand how your drone fleet operates, with stats like average flight time, Pilot Risk Profiles , individual flight performance, and team post-flight insights

Keep tabs on on your fleet assets at all times

A consolidated view on all of your drone fleet assets like batteries, crafts, and remote controls. Get notified of important stats like battery health, malfunctioning aircraft and drone flight time. Kittyhawk surfaces insights like low batteries and broken airspace in real time. You don’t need to wonder. You can know.

Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) for Drone Applications

Get more out of your drone fleet. Kittyhawk comes with with all the integrations you need to maximize
return-on-investment in your drone operations.

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DJI Flight Logs Import and Sync

Easy, accurate, and super-detailed flight logging direct from DJI for every craft from the Spark to the Matrice. Stop juggling apps and consolidate all your data in one place.


Kittyhawk offers AirMap within the platform - get access to realtime traffic alerts, share your flights with other Kittyhawk and AirMap users, and submit digital notices of your flight plans to more than 125 airports.

Custom API Integrations

The Kittyhawk platform is designed natively around our powerful GraphQL APIs, allowing custom integrations with many different API platforms. Need a custom API integration for your company? Ask for the data how you like it, and we'll return it.