Settings and Connecting to your drone with FlightDeck

Step 1: Connect to the controller

From the main dashboard, you’ll see a gray “Go fly” button. Turn on your controller and DJI drone. Once connected, the icon will update and the “Go fly” button will turn green.
Tap to go fly.

Flight Deck

Step 2: Setting Up Flight Deck

Log Settings

When you connect with Flight Deck, we’ll automatically set your aircraft and battery based on the serial number.

If we haven’t seen that aircraft or battery, we’ll display a popup that will allow you to add a new asset to your account or to link the asset that’s already saved in your account.

If we’ve already linked and recognize the serial number, the aircraft and battery(s) will be automatically set and remove an extra step in your workflow.

Flight Settings

If you’ve connected to AirMap, you have two other options before you go fly.

Sending digital notice alerts participating airports and organizations of your flight plan. Especially if you’re a hobbyist, you’ll want to double check that the airport accepts digital notice. Otherwise, we display the contact phone number in our airspace screens.

Announcing the flight makes it public so that fellow pilots can see your flight and be aware of your airspace and where your drone is in real-time.

By toggling on both of these switches, you’ll help make the airspace safer and also receive real-time visibility and alerts of your airspace.

Step 3: Checklist (if you so choose)

We’ve put a convenient link to go run a checklist so that you can easily log your checklist and return right back to Flight Deck and prepare for your flight.

Step 4: Fly

Once your aircraft and battery(s) are connected and you’ve set your notice and airspace settings, it’s time to start those props!