Introducing Flight Deck

Fundamentally changing drone operations

What is Flight Deck?

Flight Deck is Kittyhawk’s new real-time platform for drone pilots and commercial drone teams. Flight Deck brings in-flight controls of your DJI aircraft (and soon other major drone manufacturers 🙂 into the Kittyhawk app. Kittyhawk links the drone to live airspace and coordinates with headquarters in real-time.

Kittyhawk Flight Deck
The new Kittyhawk Dashboard


Great for Pilots

Pilots in the field can now rely confidently on a single application. Flight Deck brings the power of DJI Go into Kittyhawk. Combined with our excellence in preflight weather, airspace awareness, checklist and flight logs, drone operators can complete every step of their workflow from Kittyhawk.

Airspace is dynamic with real-time alerts. Logging is automated and detailed to the second. Media is secure and easily uploaded to the Kittyhawk Cloud.

Essential for Teams

The days of wondering what your team is up to is over. The days of relying on old log reports are obsolete. Flight Deck brings real-time visibility into your teams operations.

View when/where/how your team is flying. Track and coordinate in real-time as operations unfold, creating the ultimate culture of safety.