Planning a new mission

Kittyhawk Mission Planning

Within Kittyhawk, the Mission is the central object that ties together all our individual flight activity. Checklists, risk assessments, documents, authorizations, documents, and more can be associated with the mission. Whether a request from management, legal department, insurance, or the FAA, this stores your flight records in a single system of record that you can reference at any moment for such audits.

Mission workflows within Kittyhawk can be flexible! Whether you have Program Admins involved in the assignment of missions to internal teams and vendors, or your operators have the autonomy to go out on their own, there’s a way to support that flow within Kittyhawk. The following resources are generic workflows and best practices used and recommended by our team and client base.

Here are a few links that will help you piece together your very own mission planning workflow that supports your program’s goals and helps your operators meet the expectation set in your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):

.PDF Document Kittyhawk Workflow Documentation (Template)
YouTube Kittyhawk Mission Workflow Example (Web and iOS)
YouTube Kittyhawk Mission Workflow Example (iOS Only)