Unlocking professional functionality across Kittyhawk apps and web platforms.

Kittyhawk is built to power your entire workflow, from planning to flight to team and fleet management.

While Kittyhawk offers a guest mode and free functionality, the majority of our development efforts go towards the professional pilots and enterprise teams who rely on Kittyhawk in their operations.

If you are a part of a large organization (greater than 10 people and/or require some of our enterprise functionality like streaming), please contact our sales team — sales@kittyhawk.io.

If you are part of a small team (1-10 operators), you are a perfect fit for our small business plan, and you can sign up directly on the Kittyhawk website, enter your payment info and begin inviting your team.

If you are a sole operator and don’t require web access, than our in-app subscriptions are perfect for your needs. You can sign up and subscribe in-app on iTunes (and coming soon to Android). Through this method, the app store will handle all billing and will provide receipts.

If you have an active subscription but are not able to access premium functionality, first double check that your plan is active (with enterprise or small business, check with your manager, or with in-app subscriptions, make sure you have a receipt from Apple iTunes or Google Play).

If your subscription is active, you may need to a) double check that you are in the correct account (especially for enterprise users) or b) restore your in-app purchase for your device.

If you have any other questions or still need help, contact us any time at team@kittyhawk.io.


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