Know your surroundings

Hyper accurate weather, real time live flights, airspace, and checklist logging combine seamlessly to create a culture of safe operations. Since weather and airspace log with your flights, “I didn’t know” isn’t an answer anymore.

A single source of truth

Want to make sure every student has the most up to date assets? Kittyhawk’s cloud platform enables you to change a checklist or aircraft in one place — and see your changes populate everywhere instantaneously.

Preflight operations

Take offs are optional, but landings are mandatory. Give your students the most up to date information right in the palm of their hand.

Activity logging

Watch your students progress as they build time in the Kittyhawk platform. When they’re done with instruction, their profile can serve as a great resume addition or sales tool.

Post-flight analysis

Generate a situational awareness, bolster decision making skills, and give students confidence as they start to see how their logs correlate to their skill sets.

DJI Sync

Benefit from fully automated DJI log importing and intelligence for total transparency with your class.

We don’t believe in “student version”

The same software your students will be using is the same software being used by industry-leading drone companies around the world.

Education friendly pricing

Contact us for our special .edu pricing, available to schools and students who love drones as much as we do.

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