Kittyhawk empowers companies to make drone operations a seamless addition to maintenance, safety and inspection workflows. It’s one complete platform to connect flights and missions in the field to operations back at the office.

Infrastructure Inspections

Save time and minimize employee risk by deploying drones to inspect equipment, tanks and pipelines. Get better information faster while keeping workers off the equipment and safely on the ground.

Incidence Response

Accelerate incidence response times by using secure video streaming to get eyes on critical events.

Safety and Compliance Tracking

Reduce legal and training costs with configurable safety and mission settings that automate compliance and extend corporate HSE policies into the flight operations.

Drones are making refineries and petrochemical plants safer, more efficient

“The KittyHawk platform and team help organizations develop and integrate essential elements of a UAV program, from pilot training and log-booking, to mission planning and in-field situational awareness, to data management and sophisticated reporting. They also help pilots stay informed of regulations issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which classifies drones used for business purposes as commercial aircraft — the same category under which planes operated by major airlines are classified.”

Drone Operations for Oil and Gas

Learn more about how we serve the Oil and Gas industry. Watch the video.

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