How does streaming work on Kittyhawk?

How do I know when someone is viewing my stream?

The icon will appear and display the user's initials Picture

Can I kick users off my stream?

No. Permission to view your stream is restricted to only users within your account.

How do I talk with those viewing my stream?

You start and join streams automatically muted. Simply tap the microphone icon to unmute and speak to others viewing your stream.

What if my stream isn’t working?

Make sure to enable streaming from the preflight configuration screen prior to takeoff. A solid, stable internet connection is needed for optimal streaming.

How many users can view a stream?

Up to 50.

What type of mobile data connection is required for Kittyhawk to function in the field?

Minimum bandwidth (LTE vs 4G vs 3G vs WiFi).

Are streams secure?

Yes! Live streaming in Kittyhawk is encrypted from end-to-end. You have to be logged into the Kittyhawk platform and have access to the same account as the broadcaster. Our streaming capabilities meet ISO27001 standards.

Are streams viewable outside of Kittyhawk?

No. To offer secure, encrypted streams requires users to be logged into the platform. No streams are pushed to Youtube, Facebook, or other open link-sharing platforms.

Are the streams recorded?

Streams are not currently stored or recorded.

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