How do I learn about/what is FAA airspace?

Point them to the FAA so they can learn about airspace.

Is there a legend for the airspace map?

Once you drop your pin on the airspace map, tap on the colored advisory button, or swipe up on the drawer, for a detailed breakdown of each of the advisories in the airspace around you.

Why is my LAANC grid gray?

The gray LAANC grids indicated areas where LAANC is currently disabled. If authorization is needed in these areas, please refer to FAA DroneZone.

Will the app provide contact information for governing authorities for controlled airspace other than UAS facility maps (ie. special use airspace, heliport, etc)?

Kittyhawk will provide the status of the designated airspace (special, restricted, etc.). It is up to each operator to determine whether or not any additional authorization is required before flight. We do not provide direct contact info for each…

How do I file a NOTAM?

You can check in KH, you can not file in KH

How do I select Sectional Charts as a map layer?

Not available at this time. Will be reintroduced into the platform for a cleaner, more seamless experience.

I’m trying to fly my DJI drone on my Android device. When I press Fly, a message pops up that says, “Connect your DJI drone just as you would with DJI Go to fly…..” I press OK and nothing!

The cord is not providing a proper connection (Most likely) The Android OS asks for a default app preference for USB connections. Most likely this was set to the DJI app. Try clearing this out by going to Settings > Apps > DJI Go > "Set as…

How to file LAANC authorizations

iOS Android Web

Further Coordinated LAANC

Video coming soon

Does LAANC unlock my DJI Geofence in a no-fly zone (NFZ)?

No. Even though we have authorization directly from the FAA, we still need to provide the drone with a DJI unlock code so the aircraft knows it’s okay to take off.

How do I file LAANC for a recreational flight?

iOS Android coming son

How do I know if I need Commercial or Recreational LAANC?

If you’re flying for profit or for commercial reasons (for a business) you should be operating as a Part 107 (Commercial) pilot.

Why are the times wrong on my LAANC Authorizations?

It’s important to note that LAANC authorizations are going through the FAA’s system, and all times related to aviation are reported in the UTC/GMT/Zulu timezone. Within Kittyhawk, we record the authorization in your local time zone, but in the…

How do I file LAANC for someone else?

Scenario: Admin needs to file a LAANC for a pilot they manage. This cannot currently be done. Not currently available. Check back soon!

Calibrating your DJI’s compass

Read this if you're looking to calibrate your DJI compass Some customers have asked us if it's possible to calibrate their DJI through Kittyhawk. Unfortunately at this time, we do not support this feature. You can calibrate your DJI drone using the…

Can I change my map to satellite view?

Yes! This can be done by tapping on the layers button in the top right corner of the airspace map. Map layers can be found toward the bottom of this list.